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This website, “Technimentalist” as defined by the author, is a position trader who applies technical analysis and fundamental analysis in his investing or trading.

The author has more than 15 years of global human resource management experience.  He is a graduate of Masters in Business Administration. He is also a registered Mechanical Engineer in the Philippines.

The website provides relevant and useful information about stock market, learning insights on financial markets and other related information which may affect stock market investing particularly in the Philippine Stock Market.  This is also considered as my trading/investing journal.

As an advocate of stock market investing, it is the author’s desire to help educate and encourage every Filipino to understand and invest in the Philippine Stock Market.

Those interested to share useful information in this website, as contributor or clarification/query regarding the posted articles, you may contact the author’s email address: info@technimentalist.com

The author also shares and updates local and international news which may affect stock market investing.

Full Disclosure: The information provided in the website is only an opinion of the author and  does not constitute as legal advice, research or recommendation to buy or sell any securities.




11 thoughts on “About The Website

  1. I find your technical and also fundamental analyses very accurate.
    Could you please let us know what is your analysis on CALATA (CAL).
    Thank you very much in advance and continue your excellent job.

  2. Of all trading information i read, nothing beats your projections, your premonitions are happening and what I can say is WOW particular with SINO/PLC which are my favorite stock. I would love to hear from you update on this stock and I am sure everyone is waiting!!! More power and God bless!!! please share your one of a kind knowledge.

  3. Thanks, ryanh for this flattering compliments. It seems that I am not reading the chart anymore but purely on premonition, lol! I will try to update this site from time to time in my own pace. Thanks again for reading…

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